Welcome to Three Kingdom Colors

        Find us at Eugene’s Holiday Market on November 29th - December 1st (10am-6pm) and on December 23rd - 24th (10am-6pm except on Christmas Eve — until 4pm). My booth is 52A (On Solstice Way). At the Lane County Fairgrounds, my booth is very close to the hallway that runs from the main room to the Farmer’s Market.

Three Kingdom Colors LIVES to DYE for you! TKC creates reusable, sustainable products that are hand dyed with colors found in Nature. Our dyes are created and sustainably harvested from plants, insects, fungi and lichens — representing three of the kingdoms of life — Plantae, Animalia and Fungi. 

TKC products are designed with shibori or other resist - based surface design techniques. Items include: square and long scarves for men and women; small matted fabric for interior design, satin/silk ribbons, Christmas ornaments, men's ties, wall hangings, wedding gifts, table runners, napkins and more. Please email if interested in custom work.

NERD ALERT~ You should know — I am a scientist and educator. These pages exist to help others know more about:  colors derived from nature; sustainability; culture and peoples; creativity; and more. 

Yes, there are more than three kingdoms of life! However, only these three have been used to create dyestuffs. OK, there is the potential for dyes to be made from some cyanobacteria — but so far, no one has scaled that up...

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